September in Review

This month was…wow.  I don’t think I’ve finished that many things in such a short time before.  This whole HPKCHC thing is good for me.  I’m definitely a product knitter with a competitive edge!

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So over the next few months, things are going to be a little insane.


Over at Ravelry, I joined a group called the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup (or HPKCHC for short.) The Fall term starts in about 2 hours.  The point of this group is to, over the course of the term (3 months), craft ALL THE THINGS and turn them in for points if they fit the theme of the class/Quidditch/detention.  They also have long-term project contests called Advanced Studies that last anywhere from 2-4 months called Order Missions (2), OWLs (3), and NEWTs (4).  These have stricter rules and must be approved in order to earn points for them.  All of the “students” are also split into one of the four houses…I’m a Slytherin.  Big news, I’m always a Slytherin.  As one of my Ravatars states, “Intelligence without Ambition is like a bird without wings.”  Slytherin encourages the KNIT ALL THE THINGS mindset even further by offering additional challenges for completing more than the minimum participation.  Plus, there are the Headmistress’s Challenge and the HoH challenge offered by the head of the main board and the head of Slytherin house, respectively.

So what have I gotten myself into?  Order of the Silver Serpent First Class (18 classes, Quidditch, Headmistress’s and HoH’s challenge, OWL, and Order Mission in 3 months.)  I am insane.

Classes start posting in T-minus 1 hour and 36 minutes.  Are you ready for HPKCHC?

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Challenge Accepted


On Sunday, a fellow knitter’s husband brought up an interesting knitting problem…the Sierpinski’s Triangle.  Searches on Ravelry and Google turned up a few lace shawl patterns, but there is just something about the pattern that screams colorwork to me.  Specifically, where there are triangles, there is entrelac.

Since I couldn’t find anything like what I wanted, I pulled out my Entrelac book to see if anything would help me.  I found a bicolor square chart and a triangular blanket pattern with the construction elements I needed.  A quick sketch, a size 8 27″ circular needle, and two balls of stash yarn, and a proof-of-concept has been cast on.  (The base triangles, at least.)

Challenge accepted.

(I’m going to be writing the pattern out, and I need test knitters.  If you’re interested, email me at jackiechica @ gmail . com)

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Back in the Habit

My last post wasn’t a really good introduction post, and it’s been a while, so I’ll start over.

I am a 25-year-old LVN from Texas who is helplessly addicted to yarn crafts.  Mostly, I crochet, but I am stubborn and refuse to believe that I cannot knit, and continue to try.  I am married and live in a small house with my husband, mother, father, Maine Coon/Tabby mix, long hair tabby, dumbo rat, fancy rat, 2 black lab/pit bull puppies, and two sugar gliders. (That’s 4 1/2 people and 8 animals, if you weren’t counting).

The 1/2 person?  Is currently inside me.  I’m pregnant with our first child who is due in June.  It’s a girl, and we’re naming her Adira.  The middle name is still a matter of debate between my husband and I.  She is the reason I fell out of love with my yarn for several months.  I was floored with a horrible case of hyperemesis gravidarum, put on bedrest, and could barely move around, let alone pick up a hook or some needles.  But at 4 months, my energy returned somewhat and I have begun work on one of many baby blankets Adira will enjoy.  (My mother is cross-stitching a quilt with baby animals, and I have a few knitting friends who will be working on similar projects to mine.)  I’m making a Babette blanket using Stylecraft DK in 17 shades ranging from bright and loud to pastel and muted.

10 and 12 round squares

I have completed both 12 round squares, both 10 round squares, and 2 of the 8-round squares.  I’m working my way down so that the closer I get to finishing, the faster work will come off my hook.  This is probably going to be a large blanket, but the baby will need blankets for the car and floor as well as for bed.  (Don’t plan on putting a big blanket in the crib at first anyway.)  I have images of this blanket being spread out on the living room floor when the baby hits sit n’ scoot age.

No, I have no issues with the thought of my kids playing on the floor.  I did it, on my grandmother’s crocheted blankets, and there’s nothing wrong with it.  Playpens are a waste of money if you actually watch your kids.

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I <3 Tunisian Crochet

I really love this technique.  Sadly, there don’t seem to be many free patterns out there for it, and as my funds are currently nil thanks to the upcoming UTSA semester and the even-sooner-coming NCLEX, I don’t feel like spending the little money I have on a pdf pattern.

I’ve been wanting a tunisian crochet wallet for a while, but the only free pattern involves a zipper (again, no money), and the one I really like is $5 on Ravelry.  So, being the stubborn mule that I am, I’m winging it.  I’ve been looking at tutorials on tunisian crochet and free patterns for various non-tunisian crocheted wallets, and am currently trying to piece together their bastard lovechild.  So far, it’s looking…like several straight rows of simple tunisian stitch, but hopefully in the next few days it will start looking like a tri-fold wallet.

I’ve currently got my *cough* detailed notes laid out in my advanced *snort* high-tech *giggle* design progr…okay, I’ve got some scribbles laid out in Paint.  Number of rows I *think* it will take, number of stitches across, how to put it together, how big to make the pocket, where to decrease the flap.  If this works out, I’m going to need some pattern testers, and ultimately decide if I’m going to offer the pattern free to the world, or try to make some money off of it.

Ohh, another idea…a tunisian purse!  That might be interesting…I ought to sketch that out, too.

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