Back in the Habit

My last post wasn’t a really good introduction post, and it’s been a while, so I’ll start over.

I am a 25-year-old LVN from Texas who is helplessly addicted to yarn crafts.  Mostly, I crochet, but I am stubborn and refuse to believe that I cannot knit, and continue to try.  I am married and live in a small house with my husband, mother, father, Maine Coon/Tabby mix, long hair tabby, dumbo rat, fancy rat, 2 black lab/pit bull puppies, and two sugar gliders. (That’s 4 1/2 people and 8 animals, if you weren’t counting).

The 1/2 person?  Is currently inside me.  I’m pregnant with our first child who is due in June.  It’s a girl, and we’re naming her Adira.  The middle name is still a matter of debate between my husband and I.  She is the reason I fell out of love with my yarn for several months.  I was floored with a horrible case of hyperemesis gravidarum, put on bedrest, and could barely move around, let alone pick up a hook or some needles.  But at 4 months, my energy returned somewhat and I have begun work on one of many baby blankets Adira will enjoy.  (My mother is cross-stitching a quilt with baby animals, and I have a few knitting friends who will be working on similar projects to mine.)  I’m making a Babette blanket using Stylecraft DK in 17 shades ranging from bright and loud to pastel and muted.

10 and 12 round squares

I have completed both 12 round squares, both 10 round squares, and 2 of the 8-round squares.  I’m working my way down so that the closer I get to finishing, the faster work will come off my hook.  This is probably going to be a large blanket, but the baby will need blankets for the car and floor as well as for bed.  (Don’t plan on putting a big blanket in the crib at first anyway.)  I have images of this blanket being spread out on the living room floor when the baby hits sit n’ scoot age.

No, I have no issues with the thought of my kids playing on the floor.  I did it, on my grandmother’s crocheted blankets, and there’s nothing wrong with it.  Playpens are a waste of money if you actually watch your kids.

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